Settle back and relax with the Dandelion Lane resources

This is your one stop shop for everything holistic and natural. The webpages and products listed below are some of my personal favourites, they all follow the some beliefs as I do – to nourish our body through health.


The Healthy Chef - Teresa cutter has always been an inspiration for me, her recipes are truly delicious and healthy. I am truly blessed and honoured to work alongside Teresa and her amazing team.

My New Roots - Sarah Britton can help you inspire new food adventures. Her recipes are delicious, simple and healthy. Mainly vegetarian food, you are able to add your own flair as you go.

Green Kitchen Stories - A beautiful family share their green kitchen and stories. Each one of the green kitchen recipes are full of love and deliciousness. The photography alone has inspired me to do so much more. Be inspired by the colours, textures and flavours. Check out the cookbook! I love mine to bits!

Sprouted Kitchen - A husband and wife (and now little bub) share the stories of their kitchen. Stroll the many colours, spices and fresh produce and be inspired. Check out the sprouted kitchen cookbook.

Cupcakes and Kale - Jess shares her vegan story. Her recipes are delicious and inspired! Creating a vegan bake shop – Oh My Bakeshop – she inspires me to bake and create in a whole new way. Stay tuned there is a cook book on its way.

Oh She Glows –  Angela Liddon is a vegan cook sharing her beautiful deserts and recipes to have you glowing from the inside out. Angela also has a cookbook available.

Petitie Kitchen –  once you find Petitie Kitchen you will never look back! Simple, quick and easy recipes that the whole family will love. Follow in the Journey of healthy eating and fall in love with the romance of food photography.


Banana Blossom
Located in Mona Vale and Manly, This is my go to salad stop! Made fresh right before your eyes, your taste buds will be tantalised by the fresh flavours. I promise you and your yummy will not be disappointed! Vegetarian, Gluten free, Dairy free options available.

Sustainable Seafood – Choosing what is healthy for the family is only one challenge, choosing what is healthy for the earth is a challenge all on its own. Download this app and check out the webpage.

 ACO – Find out what it means to be organic and the regulations to get there.

Mindd – An amazing organisation supporting families with children on the spectrum, learning difficulties and providing understanding on the roll of additives in our foods. If you are able to attend, I highly recommend.

Life Factory – I adore my Lifefactory drink bottle. Made of Glass and BPA free you cant really go wrong! I use my large glass bottle for almost everything, water, warm tea, smoothies – there is no limit.


Bliss Images - Peter Bliss was the photographer for the dandelion lane webpage, check out his amazing work of arts of local landmarks and the beauty of nature.

Amy Hotz Wellness – A dear friend of mine, an amazing naturopath and inspiring yogi Amy Hotz is truly amazing! Stop past her webpage for delicious health tips and recipes or book in for yoga class.

Juniper – My go to natural skin care range for both myself and my clients. Perfect for those with known skin sensitivities, impurities and blemishes, once you try Juniper you will never look away. Completely chemical free and using simple fresh ingredients with local northern beaches company will have you glowing with health. 

Chemical Free Kids – Dr Sarah Lantz PHD

Supercharged Kids – Lee Holms

The pill, are you sure its for you? – Alexandra Pope and Jane Bennett

A slow death by Rubber Duck: How the toxic chemistry of everyday life affects our health – Rick Smith & Bruce Lourie