Clinic Offerings

Initial consultation : 1 hour 

Your unique one-hour initial consultation is time just for you. This consultation is for you and I to get to know each other, to get comfortable and learn all about your health history and health goals. Together we will work through the different body systems and learn more about your health concerns. From here we will develop a unique program that is both simple and attainable and start you on your health journey to optimal wellbeing.

Prior to the consultation, I encourage all my clients to complete a comprehensive diet diary. This is so both you and I can learn about your healthy food habits. Some clients may be sent for pathology testing prior to the next consultation.

Follow up consultation : 30 minutes

After your initial consultation, it is time to return to the clinic and together we track your health progress – with the information we gathered from our first meeting, you will now have a unique health prescription. Each prescription will be different but it is not uncommon to receive healthy dietary advice, lifestyle changes, supplement recommendations and western herbal medicine prescriptions.

Typically your follow up consultation will last 30 minutes and includes a health review. During this time we discuss any challenges, new or old, that may have arisen along your health journey and continue working towards achieving your health goals.

Acute consultation : 15 minutes

Feeling a little bit under the weather? My existing clients are able to book in for an acute consultation. This means that you can quickly access individualised naturopathic advice, a refill of herbal medicine and/or supplements to support your immediate health. This option is particularly beneficial for children and busy adults needing to stay healthy and happy or for common colds and immune support. 

Children’s consultation : 30 – 15 minutes

When you are as busy as a three year old it’s important to keep things short, simple and achievable. Together with Mum and Dad we work together to support upset tummies, childcare immunity and general health and wellbeing. 

Additional Services

Personal shopping experience

Encouraging my clients doesn’t stop inside the clinic. Book in for a personal shopping experience and I will take you (and a friend if you’d like) to your local grocery or health food store and teach you the tricks of health food marketing, reading labels and finding your way through the supermarket minefield.

Kitchen Cleanse 

To boost your personal shopping experience you can add a kitchen cleanse. Together we will cleanse your pantry and encourage healthy eating patterns right at home. We will also have look at the many healthy products and food choices you already have at home and learn how to use them in healthy recipes for you and your family.

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