Growing up in a large Italian family, food was always the centre of the home.

I spent many days bare-foot in my grandparents organic and conventional vegetable gardens. Together we would weed and nourish the soil, search for caterpillars to relocate, and pick the ripest of produce. It was here that I learnt about growing and eating for the seasons, how to provide the soil with nourishment and dry out fresh herbs and spices.  This passion for food transferred effortlessly into the kitchen. Helping my Nonnas make fresh tomato sauce using the tomatoes we picked moments before, meatballs from the most delicious meat brought to us from a local farmer, and a wide variety of vegetarian dishes and pastas.Needless to say my love for fresh food started from a very young age. My passion for food continued throughout school but it wasn’t until my health was affected that I began to realise the influence that food had on my body.

Today my love for food is as strong as ever, I am a Naturopath with a love for whole food cooking, a slight addiction to green smoothies, organic herbal teas, farmers markets and cookbooks.

I happily spend hours flipping through books on health and herbal medicine, taste testing new recipes and finding the different ways food can be used to benefit health and support the body and enhance our natural healing abilities.

I adore using food as medicine, to nourish the body, and encourage complete wellness. I am very passionate about health and encouraging people to find their own health path. Most of all, I want to encourage others to question their current health journey, then help them to find a path that is simple, easy and attainable.

I have many area’s of interest, but in particular:

 Weight Management

 Stress Management

Skin Health

Natural Detoxification

Women’s Health

Family Health

Children’s Health

Digestive Concerns

Praise from my wonderful clients:

When I first met Alyce I had chronic digestive problems. I suffered from constant bloating and was always uncomfortable in my belly. Alyce was very friendly and understanding. She gave me easy to follow guidelines and some fantastic recipes. She helped me understand my body and how to manage my digestive problems better. 1 year later I am still in close contact with Alyce and I can honestly say my stomach has never been better. Thanks for all the yummy recipes


Dandelion Lane Client

I recently saw Alyce for a reoccurring cold, her prescription of herbal medicine and dietary advice saw me back on my feet in no time at all. I have recommended Alyce to my mates


Dandelion Lane Client

I call Alyce ‘alchemist’ because there is something magical in every mix she makes. She mixes naturopathic expertise with intuitive wisdom, herbs, bach flowers, bush essences, and whatever she sees I need for particular stages of my healing/wholeness journey and the results are miraculous, magical and lasting


Dandelion Lane Client

I was lucky enough to invite Alyce into my home for my first naturopathic consult. She was so thorough with the finer details and gave such practical and uncomplicated suggestions. I took her advice and purchased all the supps and products she prescribed and saw great immediate results for a skin condition and a bit of travel anxiety. She had such a calming presence and after spending just one hour with Alyce you can’t help but feel inspired by her passion for all things health and wellness


Dandelion Lane Client

Be Inspired. Start your health journey today!

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