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Now is your time for nourishment, happiness, healing and wellness. Take a virtual stroll through the pages of dandelion lane and be inspired by health. Dandelion Lane is a holistic health clinic that will help you find your own health journey. Specialising in complementary natural, herbal and nutritional medicine to enhance optimal wellness.

Each client is unique, and this concept is explored through the use of specific foods and supplements to support the body’s natural abilities to heal and prevent illness. During your time with Dandelion Lane, we will develop short and long term goals and provide you with the tools necessary to accomplish your goals. It is my personal goal to encourage people into their kitchens, explore new recipes and cooking techniques and use food as medicine to nourish, support and balance health.


A complementary approach to health that uses the combination of western herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and lifestyle approaches to support your health path.


Together we will explore delicious recipes, food as medicine and clinical research to support your optimal health. Find out how you can balance your health with positive daily food choices

Personal Shopping

Health starts in your shopping basket, make your goals achievable by taking the guesswork out of healthy eating. We head to the shops  and find what foods are right for you.

Wellness Coaching

Naturopathic advice, recipes and meal planners will get you on your right health path and reaching your individualised health goals. Your journey starts here.

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Spring has finally arrived in London, and it is spectacular! Full colour wheels of flowers blooming in the gardens and streets, green lush grass covering the parks and people rushing out of work to get a glimpse of the sunshine and warm air.  This beautiful weather...


There are desserts and then there are delicious recipes that should be enjoyed ALL the time! Ok, maybe not all the time .. But enjoyed with friends, families and whenever the sun is shining. Like this post this recipe is short and sweet! The recipe only takes a second...

Superwoman Cacao Smoothie

This smoothie transforms every woman into a superwoman, but let’s face it, most of us already are! So really it puts a bit of pep into our capes! Full of delicious superfoods this smoothie will have you energised, balance moods and metabolism as well as detox...

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Natural Tricks to a Good Nights Sleep

Natural Tricks to a Good Nights Sleep

I am a bad sleeper. I haven’t always been and I do have a pretty amazing skill for falling asleep pretty much anywhere – car, couch, plane, cinema and perhaps even a concert (I mean really, who falls asleep in a concert!) but as soon as my head hits a...

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  • Roadside breakfasts! When we travel our immune can take a little bit of a beating..lack of sleep, change in routine and naturally a change in diet. This morning we enjoyed a bowl of delicious gluten free granola, fresh fruit, almond Mylk and yoghurt :) a way better choice than fast food, highly processed alternatives!
  • Yay!! It's finally getting warm in Europe! Time for bikinis, sand and delicious ice creams! Today's goal: find a dairy free gelato parlor! 💃💃🙋🏻 you can find my recipe for these vegan ice creams on the website www.dandelionlane.com.au X
  • Oooooooh yeah! So much love for the chocolate chip cookie! Especially straight out of the oven...all gooey and warm! Dreaming of this cookie right now! Note to self: get rob to install a oven in the van so we can road trip and bake cookies all around Europe!
  • Apologies for the lack of posts lately! Wifi is scarce and Belgium chocolates, hidden doorways and fresh seasonal produce is everywhere! I'm somewhere between Luxembourg and Germany on the ultimate food tour of Europe! I'll be back soon X
  • There is always time for a Belgium hot chocolate when in Belgium! I was a little too keen and missed the pre photo! It was perfect!
  • Escaping the cold wind and warming up with this amazing drink from WILD ! Turmeric, ginger, cayenne soooo good!! Time to map out our afternoon X
  • CHIA BREAKFAST PARFAIT || a creamy layer of coconut yoghurt, one beetroot chia layer and a crunchy granola to top it all off! So much deliciousness and healthiness in one bit!
  • QUINOA + KALE SALAD // we always try and eat healthy...and a 3 month camping trip in a back of a van is no different! For today's lunch it was a simple salad of last nights quinoa, chickpeas, greens and grated carrot with a squeeze of lemon! So simple, so healthy and so delicious!